048design, Rotterdam

Drievriendenstraat 18a 3014JS Rotterdam Zuid-Holland
3014JS Rotterdam
Website: http://048design.com
Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland


Design is our passion. As designers we took up the challenge to change the world by improving peoples’ lives. How do we want to achieve it? By creating new solutions to everyday needs. We want to change every single moment into one big happy ending user experience.We work as a team of designers from different disciplines and marketing specialists. By combining our skills and experience we have created an innovative multidisciplinary team ready for any kind of challenge. Design is a powerful business tool which should be a part of business strategy in every single company. We will make your firm more distinctive therefore more competitive in the market. We take care of every detail both working with companies and individual clients. Your Product, Brand, Interior or Landscape may be one of a kind.


  • Landscape
  • Read more 16/10/2016 yellow icon set freebie we hope to brighten your monday with a cute yellow icon set freebie ? uniqe colection of 49 icons! you can simply download it from the link below. it?s free for personal and commercial use. download   do you like it? like our fanpage on facebook! @048design thank you! this work is licensed under a ? continue reading yellow icon set freebie
  • Interiors
  • Read more mountain garden ? work in progress the property is located in the foothills of the beskid mountains ? part of the carpathians. the picturesque surrounding challenge us to design garden which wont be competition for nature, but will bring out its natural values and capabilities. our task is to redesign the facade of the old house and create consistent space. it?s ? continue reading mountain garden ? work in progress
  • Continue reading mountain garden ? work in progress
  • Read more gravo pool table minimalism, modern style & lightness of form. gravo is a table in a 9 foot size which brings us into a new era of billiards. thanks to the use of anodized steel and shiny black surface perfectly emphasize a modern inner side. diamonds, designed in the form of circles with a non-contrasting material, fulfill their ? continue reading gravo pool table
  • Read more heron brand identity & website
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Drievriendenstraat 18a 3014JS Rotterdam Zuid-Holland, Rotterdam

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